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Jul 08 2010

Kimber James Discusses Her Sexuality While Getting Driven Around!

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Ever wonder about Shemale Superstar Kimber James’ sexual preferences? Well, take a look at this little clip and hear it from Kimber’s own mouth in her own words. Most of this video is just pretty annoying banter but it’s nice to hear Kimber discuss her own sexuality for a small bit. Hard to say too how much this little clip is ‘set up’ but it’s always interesting to see the effect that Kimber James has on ‘straight’ men… A fun little clip of Kimber James from a while back but still hot as ever!


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May 18 2010

An Amusing Interview With Shemale Superstar Kimber James!

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I thought this was a pretty amusing interview with TS Kimber James and I was ROTFLMAO (I think I got that right) during the whole thing. Kimber actually did a pretty good job of looking comfortable with the questions and banter considering the interviewer (who I thought was hilarious).

This may not be the usual fare to put on a Fan Blog but I think if you have a little sense of humor about it, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy one of the hottest Shemale Superstars on the planet poking a little fun at herself…

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Aug 12 2009

Kimber James Works The Red Carpet at the 2008 FAME Awards!

Well, I was sifting through some videos on YouTube and came across this little video clip of Shemale Superstar Kimber James gracing the Red Carpet at the 2008 FAME (Fans of Adult Media and Entertainment) Awards (NOT to be confused with the Foodservice Achievement Management Excellence Awards). Doesn’t look like she got to spend a lot of time in the lime-light although I suppose, just to be there is pretty much, an honor.

Kimber is looking great in a peach colored strapless dress and wedge heels with her long blond hair cascading around her shoulders. Way to represent the TS community Kimber!

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