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Dec 20 2009

TS Kimber James Featured In The AVN Award Nominated Rogue Adventures: Volume 33!

t rogue adventures 01 TS Kimber James Featured In The AVN Award Nominated Rogue Adventures: Volume 33! t rogue adventures 02 TS Kimber James Featured In The AVN Award Nominated Rogue Adventures: Volume 33!

If you’re a fan of the ‘old look’ of Shemale Superstar Kimber James, make sure that you check out the AVN Award nominated DVD, Rogue Adventures: Volume 33. Nowadays if Kimber James chose to appear in a DVD there’s a pretty good chance that she would be the cover girl but way back in May, when Rogue Adventures: Volume 33 was released, Kimber James was still just one of the rising stars in the industry… hard to believe, right?

I’ve been a big fan of Joey Silvera’s DVD’s for a while now. I would be hard pressed to dig up a series with hotter hardcore scenes featuring the biggest names in the business! Rogue Adventures: Volume 33 is jam packed with awesome scenes of TS Jesse, Adryana Suzuki, Aline Santos, Kimber James, and more! Order your copy of the nominated ‘Best Transsexual DVD’ before January 31, 2009 from the link below and you’ll receive a FREE 4 HOUR compilation DVD!


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Sep 17 2009

Shemale Superstar Kimber James’ Videography Recap!

kimberjamesbuddywood01 Shemale Superstar Kimber James Videography Recap! kimberjamesbuddywood02 Shemale Superstar Kimber James Videography Recap!

So I was doing a little checking in on our favorite Shemale Superstar, Kimber James and I found myself being really surprised by the lack of DVD’s that Kimber James has appeared in. As probably the most famous Transsexual Model and Shemale Pornstar currently, you’d think that Kimber James would be pretty hot in the DVD market but it appears that she only has five titles wrapped and ‘in the can.’ Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place or maybe Kimber’s just not that interested in doing scenes for DVD’s but you’d guess that there would be more content out there. There are far less famous Shemale Pornstars who have many, many more DVD credits to their names so I just thought it was weird that I could only find the five. Here’s what I came up with…anyone got more?

Transsexual Babysitters, Volume 4
Buddy Wood’s Kimber James (the first and ONLY Kimber James exclusive movie – and still the best in my opinion)
Transsexual Babysitters, Volume 8
She-Make Strokers, Volume 32
Rogue Adventures, Volume 33

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May 05 2009

Kimber James in Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 33 DVD!

Our favorite performer, Kimber James, is in a new DVD! Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 33 is the latest installment in the series from Evil Angel. There’s a good mix of Brazilian and American girls, all equally horny to perform for the camera. All the scenes were hot, but Kimber’s (of course) was my favorite!

Kimber James gives her playful smirk when her scene begins. Holding her favorite stuffed animal, Kimber looks shy, but a part of her is aching to be touched. With her swollen breasts exposed, her guy rubs her nipples gently. She pulls out his cock from his white BVDs and he thrusts into her as if fucking her she-pussy. Pulling up her schoolgirl skirt and exposing her “You are my Sunshine” panties, he pulls them down to suck Kimber’s massive cock. “Suck it,” she moans as he slurps her up. Kimber’s cock is so big that he’s able to rub its head around her own hole.

Kimber is the sweet girl next door, but she fucks like a pro. She tugs on her dick while riding his, gyrating her cock around as if fucking an imaginary pussy. He pounds into her, and with each thrust her cock jiggles around: swollen and wanting to be used. She finishes him off and lets him cum in her mouth. It drips out, but as always, she’s smiling.

Rogue Adventures 33 is a great title filled with orgasmic moans, shemale milk explosions, and hot hardcore action. There is such sexual chemistry in each scene that you feel as if you’re a fly on a wall, watching two people who love fucking each other.  You feel so close to Kimber that you can almost hear her moaning in your ear as she cums!


rogue33f 280x400 Kimber James in Joey Silveras Rogue Adventures 33 DVD!rogue33b 280x400 Kimber James in Joey Silveras Rogue Adventures 33 DVD!

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